Chew on This! How to Pick Safe, Edible Chews for Your Dog

Chew on This! How to Pick Safe, Edible Chews for Your Dog

Oct 30, 2023

As every dog owner will soon discover, pups and dogs are notorious chewers – they love to gnaw on objects to discover the world. It’s a natural behaviour that accomplishes many things for your pooch. For puppies, it’s a way to relieve pain caused by teething, while for older dogs, it keeps the jaws strong and teeth clean. It’s also a great way to engage them mentally, fight boredom and ease anxiety!

However, a dog can develop destructive chewing habits and other behavioural problems if they are not given the proper items to chew. Fortunately, there are plenty of edible chews and chew toys available in the market that not only fulfil your dog’s needs but also offer a tasty treat. 

What to Look for in Edible Chews for Your Dog

When choosing a safe, edible chew for your pup, look out for the following:

  • Hardness – Chews that are too hard can crack your dog’s teeth or cut their gums. This can lead to tooth fractures and oral injuries. To test if the edible chew is too hard for your dog, bang it on your knee. If it hurts, then it might be too hard for your dog.
  • Durability –  Edible chews should be strong enough to withstand vigorous chewing. Too soft options can break off in chunks that your dog can swallow whole, which is a health hazard that can lead to blockages in their stomach and other gastrointestinal issues.
  • Long-lasting – Edible chews that last keep your dog occupied for longer, providing more entertainment and value. 
  • Size – Chews that are too small for your dog can become a choking risk. Pick large edible ones so your dog won’t be able to put the entire thing in their mouth at once.
  • Ingredients – Limited, natural ingredients are always best. If possible, look for single ingredient options and avoid any flavourings or coatings that could cause a stomach upset.

Safe, Edible Dog Chews for Different Types of Chewers

Not all dogs can handle the same edible chew, as each pooch has their own chewing style. For example, a Labrador is likelier to be an aggressive chewer than a Yorkie. Our furry friends also have their own chewing preferences – some love harder chews, while others favour softer chews. These preferences also change as they grow older.

  1. Aggressive Chewer

For aggressive or power chewers, durable chews that don’t splinter easily might be the best choice, like Pawtion’s Kangaroo Femur Bone, Goat Horn and Veal Sternum. These chews are significantly robust for longer chew time.

The Kangaroo Femur Bone is an all natural and single ingredient treat crafted from pure kangaroo, recommended for larger dogs. The bones have softer ends for easy chewing, while the marrow filled hard centre offers lasting enjoyment.

The Goat Horn is a wholesome treat packed with essential nutrients like calcium, keratin and phosphorus to promote strong bones and teeth. It’s enriched with marrow to boost joint health and encourage a shiny coat. Your pet will have a grand time chewing and trying to get the marrow out!

The dehydrated Veal Sternum is made from the centre part connecting the ribs of the calf and is a long lasting chew perfect for medium to large dogs. It’s rich in protein, a great source of Vitamin B and does not contain any additives or preservatives.

  1. Light and Moderate Chewer

Light chewers, also called nibblers, are typically small dogs who can spend days slowly gnawing away at a single chew. Moderate chewers love a good chew session and will likely take a couple of hours to finish their treats. To entertain these types of pups, you can opt for bone free distractions like the Pawtion Pork Bully Sticks or Knee Tendon and the Veal Ribs if you want a more engaging edible chew with bone.

The Pork Bully Sticks are thinner than traditional Beef Bully Sticks so they are better suited for small dog breeds. No bones mean your dog can safely consume it in its entirety. It’s a great source of protein, rich in B vitamins and can boost dental health! 

The Knee Tendon might look small, but it has a surprisingly chewy texture your dogs are sure to love. It promotes dental health and is rich in protein, iron and zinc. Because it naturally contains omega-6 fatty acids, it has anti-inflammatory properties and may help in bolstering your pet’s immune system.

The air dried Veal Ribs are the perfect choice for small puppers who want to take their time with their chews. It’s rich in protein, packed with Vitamin B-6 and contains no additives and preservatives!

  1. Senior Dogs

Dogs in their golden years require chews that are gentler to the teeth. It’s also better to choose ones that are specially formulated to support their pet health or address certain health needs.

Pawtion Shark Tails are crunchy but not particularly tough, making it a balanced chew for older dogs. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and chondroitin, a compound known to combat inflammation, ideal for pets who have arthritis or connectivity issues.

There is no one size fits all edible chew for your dog, so observe your pup’s chew style and let them try different kinds of safe, edible chews to see what they like best. Most importantly, make sure to keep an eye on them while they enjoy their chew to avoid the risk of injury.

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