Pork Bully Sticks

No Preservatives or AdditivesRich in B vitaminsHuman-grade IngredientsLocally Sourced & MadeGreat source of protein

Pawtion Pork Bully Sticks are a fantastic chew for small to medium dogs. They are an all-natural, single-ingredient chew that is great for dental health. Pork Bully Sticks are thinner than traditional Beef Bully Sticks making them more suitable for small breeds of dogs. It is a non-bone product and can be safely consumed by your dog in its entirety. 

Treat your furry companion to these wholesome delights, ensuring a happy and healthy snacking experience. 100% Australian, all-natural, single-ingredient Pork Bully Stick treats and meal toppers are slowly air dried in a HACCP, Safe Food & FDA accredited facility with absolutely nothing added.

Average weight: 15g

Average size: 22cm


Crude Protien (min.):, 91%
Crude Fat (min.):, 11%
Moisture (max.):, 9%