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Australian Made Pet Treats.

100% Natural

No additives. No preservatives. No nasties. Just 100% natural, single ingredient goodness!

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We ship to all major cities, with free delivery on orders over $40!

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If your fur-baby doesn't love our treats, we'll give you your money back!

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Dog Approved


Highly recommend these to anyone looking to buy their doggos treats.

"Amazing treats, Amazing Prices, Some of the best product on the market today. Our Doggies loved them and couldn't get enough. I bought them as a one off to spoil them but after seeing how much they loved them I will be buying more and more. Knowing they are one ingredient and so good for them I am glad I got them in the first place... "


I actually can't emphasise enough how much my dogs loved these treats.

"They literally camped out underneath the box above the cupboard for hours after they got them. The shark and forage fish were definitely the biggest winners. One of my boys has some weight issues, but I feel comfortable letting him eat these compared to most of his other treats. Definitely recommend and have gotten my friends on it, the free walk is also a bonus, thanks Jamie and the guys for hooking me up with this idea"


Thanks Pawtion peeps!

"We are so happy with our pawtion box of mixed treats! We are subscribed and definitely a customer for life. Evie loves everything, especially the shark chews for a snack and the forage fish as training treats. Using the treats as meal toppers has also been great and for the first time in a long time Evie is loving her meal time and I dont have to coax her into eating."


Very happy dog (and owner)!

"Getting these boxes every month will be a life saver for me, there's nothing worst than looking for treats and realising I'm all out. My foxie-cross Lily is a food-driven dog; so knowing these are healthy single ingredient treats is a big relief. My cat also loves the fish and chicken, she usually isn't big on treats but these are absolute winners!"


Being all natural, I don't have to worry about a thing, treat time is a no-brainer now.

"Dusty got a perfectly packaged parcel in the mail today, and started drooling and jumping around as soon as she caught wiff of the box. Ripped open the shark chews as fast as I could and Dusty could barely contain herself while sitting patiently. The chew was a massive hit, and now I'm getting the puppy dog eyes while she tries her chances for another... Can't wait to get through the rest of the box, it all looks amazing."


Pawtion.au are the best treats I have ever given my pets.

"They love them because they are so tasty and fresh, and I know how healthy they are for them. I often use the forage fish as a supplement with my dogs meal in the evening for the good oils they contain as she is an old fur child .... however it's always good for your pets to get healthy supplements
throughout their life. Thank you Pawtion for making it so easy."


Our dogs love all of them!

"Our dogs love all of them. Easy to order and they arrived within a
couple of days. We couldn't be happier. We will be regular customers."

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