Whole Sardines

No Preservatives or AdditivesRich in omega-3Human-grade IngredientsLocally Sourced & MadePromotes healthy skin & shiny coat

Sardines contain an abundance of vitamins and fibre, while also providing many benefits like muscle development, immune system support, and dental health when consumed in moderation. Furthermore, the Omega-3 fatty acids in sardines nourish and maintain healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Not to mention, our sardines are locally sourced and produced, making them a mineral-rich super-food!

Treat your furry companion to these wholesome delights, ensuring a happy and healthy snacking experience. 100% Australian, all natural, single ingredient Whole Sardine treat and meal toppers are slowly air dried in a HACCP, Safe Food & FDA accredited facility with absolutely nothing added.


          Crude Protien (min.):, 70%
          Crude Fat (min.):, 5%
          Moisture (max.):, 12%