Duck Wings

No Preservatives or AdditivesRich in Essential Vitamins and MineralsHuman-grade IngredientsLocally Sourced & MadeHigh in Fatty Acids

Pawtion's premium air-dried Duck Wings: a delicious treat perfect for your canine companion. Bursting with natural flavours, these protein-rich delights are meticulously prepared to retain essential nutrients, promoting healthy muscle development and supporting a strong immune system. Free from artificial additives and preservatives, our air-dried duck wings are an ideal longer-lasting option for maintaining dental hygiene, promoting jaw strength, and providing a satisfying chewing experience. 

Treat your furry companion to these wholesome delights, ensuring a happy and healthy snacking experience. 100% Australian, all-natural, single-ingredient Duck Wing treats are slowly air dried in a HACCP, Safe Food & FDA accredited facility with absolutely nothing added

Average Weight: 13g

Average size: 12cm


Crude Protien (min.):, %
Crude Fat (min.):, %
Moisture (max.):, %