Safe, Natural Treats for Dogs You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Safe, Natural Treats for Dogs You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Jun 30, 2023

Just like how we treat ourselves to delicious food when the cravings hit, we also want to spoil our dogs with a tasty snack every now and then. And while it’s tempting to sneak our pups some table scraps, it’s better to feed them safe and natural dog treats to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The good news is these nutritious snacks are most likely already in your pantry or fridge. Here’s a list of safe, human treats for dogs that you can give to your furbaby as a reward for training or good behaviour.


Apple is a safe, natural treat for your dog. It’s an excellent source of fibre and vitamins A and C. This fruit is low in protein and fat, so it’s an ideal snack for senior dogs. Make sure to remove the seeds and core before giving it to your pooch!


Blueberries are a superfood for dogs and humans alike. They are loaded with antioxidants that prevent cell damage and fibre and phytochemicals that are vital components of proper canine nutrition. Phytochemicals, in particular, are known for their cancer-fighting properties. Offer blueberries as a snack or freeze them to make cool treats for hot summer days! 


Broccoli is safe for dogs as this vegetable is high in fibre and vitamin C and low in fat, but remember to offer these occasionally and in small quantities. If your dog is eating it for the first time, check his reaction to broccoli. The florets contain isothiocyanates, which can cause mild to severe gastric irritation, so remember not to overfeed broccoli to your pooch.  


Whether as an add-on to dog food or as a treat, carrot is a nutritious and low-calorie treat you can offer to your furry friends. It’s an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, and fibre, plus chewing on it can help improve your furbaby’s dental health! Give a large, frozen carrot for them to chew or hand it to them in bite-sized chunks to prevent choking.


This is another occasional treat that you can give your dogs – so long as they’re not lactose intolerant. Offer these in small to moderate quantities, and choose the low-fat varieties like cottage cheese or mozzarella. 


If you’ve got an overweight pooch, you can give them cucumbers as a treat. These hold little to no carbohydrates, fats, or oils, and they can even boost your dog’s energy levels. They also contain vitamins K, C, and B1, as well as potassium, copper, magnesium, and biotin.

Green beans

Dogs can consume green beans safely, whether chopped, steamed, raw, or canned. These are low in calories, packed with fibre, and contain essential vitamins and minerals. 


Pumpkin is another safe, natural treat for dogs. It’s rich in fibre, potassium, and iron, as well as important vitamins like vitamins A, E, and C. If your pooch suffers from constipation, adding pumpkin to your dog’s diet can help ease digestion and soothe mild symptoms.

A healthy diet for dogs

Treats undoubtedly keep your dog happy but remember that it’s also important for your fur baby to have a balanced diet of meat (protein), fruits, vegetables, and legumes. If you’re looking for a healthy, convenient treat that won’t impact your dog’s total daily calorie intake, Pawtion’s range of single ingredient chews and treats make a great addition to their diet! Reward your good boy or girl with this trio, and get ready to see those tails waggin’!

Kangaroo Ear (with Fur)

The flexible yet chewy texture of our Kangaroo Ear will keep your pup occupied for a long time. It’s low in fat, packed with fibre, and rich in omega-3 and 6, making it an ideal treat for your fur baby, no matter their age or breed.

Kangaroo Knee Tendon 

These boneless chews are great for small to medium dogs and boost dental health. Our Kangaroo Knee Tendon are high in protein, iron, and zinc and packed with omega-6 fatty acids, which contain anti-inflammatory properties that bolster your dog’s immune system.

Veal Ribs

The perfect chew for small puppers. They’ll absolutely love these Veal Rib dog treats, which are rich in protein and a good source of vitamin B6. 

All Pawtion treats are 100% natural and air dried in a HACCP, safe food, and FDA accredited facility. They are free of additives and preservatives, so you’re assured you can give these safe, natural treats to your furbabies without worry!