Health Benefits of Green-Lipped Mussels

Health Benefits of Green-Lipped Mussels

Oct 15, 2021

These days choosing healthy treats for our dogs goes way beyond the occasional raw bone or tidbit of dried liver. Dog treat options are so many and varied, and it can be challenging to know what and how much is suitable for your pup. 

In this article, we'll take a deep dive into the green-lipped mussel industry. Research indicates that as a natural dog treat, these ocean creatures have tremendous potential to positively impact your pup’s health now and into the future.

So, what are Green-Lipped Mussels?

Green-lipped mussels are molluscs, and this particular mussel species has a green edge, or lip, around its shell. 

Only found in New Zealand, GLM is more commonly recognised for its health benefits in humans, having been used for centuries by first nations people of that area and more recently across the rest of the world.

Green-lipped mussels contain various nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fats, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. 

Research has shown that GLM can help prevent and manage inflammatory joint diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, our Pawtion air-drying technique maintains the nutritional integrity of the raw mussel, keeping it naturally preservative-free. 

Joint pain and lameness are common in our canine companions and gradually follow minor trauma or exercise in dogs. Now we are learning that green-lipped mussels as part of the canine diet are excellent treatment and preventative measure because:

  • Nutrients in these molluscs can aid cartilage repair and protect against dog arthritis and joint pain.
  • Effective nutritional management with the introduction of green-lipped mussels into the diet may reduce or end the need for conventional drugs related to joint disease and injury.
  • Some drugs may be associated with adverse secondary effects in joint pain, so mussels as a preventative measure can be helpful. 

The Best Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Most of us know that omega-3 fatty acids are suitable for our aching joints, but the same is true for our pups. 

Your dog's own body can produce non-essential fatty acids. But essential fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6's only come from food sources. 

Dogs often have an imbalanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 because omega-6 sources are cheaper to manufacture and more accessible, so more generally found in dog products.

But when it comes to joint disorders, it's omega-3 fatty acids that lower joint inflammation. And less inflammation equals minor discomfort and stiffness for your pet. Marine oils are the ultimate source of omega-3 fatty acids, and green-lipped mussels are a rich and tasty source of omega-3 fatty acids for your dog.

At Pawtion, we have the option of mussel meat or powder, both excellent sources of omega fatty acids. The powder is effective when sprinkled onto food, while the mussel meat is ideal as a treat. 

Research has found a reduction in joint pain and joint swelling following supplementation, plus it helps limit further cartilage degeneration and supports the regeneration of damaged cartilage. 

Why green-lipped mussel for joints

Omega-3 fatty acids, including the fatty acids EPA and DHA, are found in most ocean creatures. These Omega-3s reduce the level of inflammation associated with diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Green-lipped mussels also have compounds that fight joint inflammation and pain. Specifically, we're talking about:

  • Glycosaminoglycans have joint protective properties that may contribute to pain relief.
  • In green-lipped mussels, Eicosatetraenoic acid, ETA, seems more powerful at fighting inflammation than EPA and DHA alone. 
  • Green-lipped mussels provide polysulfated glycosaminoglycans. These PSGAGs are the building blocks for cartilage and joint fluid.
  • Scientists also believe green-lipped mussels help reduce the gastrointestinal irritation connected with medications. 
  • Many chronic skin diseases and inflammatory diseases respond well to Omega-3 supplements.

What do we know about the benefits?

Both humans and animals commonly get arthritis, and though it can occur at any stage of life, it is more common as we and our dog's age. So while shellfish supplements as a traditional remedy for arthritis in humans aren't new, learning about a varied diet for your dog that includes GLM benefits could help them live longer without joint discomfort or chronic disease

Green Lipped Mussel, the sustainable superfood?

Overfishing has become a significant concern around the world. Our producers harvest green-lipped mussels sustainably without harming other marine life. 

  • From the pristine waters of the New Zealand coast, the remoteness of the mussel and the nutrient-rich plankton they feed on makes them an excellent product for your dog. 
  • A practical, natural and sustainable way to help manage and improve canine joint health. 
  • We select only premium grade mussels. Plus, the harvesting and processing methods of our suppliers protect and preserve essential fatty acids.

Giving Green Lipped Mussels to your Dog

As a powder, green-lipped mussels can be mixed into pet food to supplement your dog's regular diet and our treats, made with 100% green-lipped mussel meat, are a great reward, training treat or food topper. 

Unless your pet suffers from shellfish allergies, you should be able to safely use green-lipped mussels as part of your pets regular diet. 

The processing of green-lipped mussels and their incorporation into food products requires special care. Processing techniques need to avoid destroying any efficacy of the final product, which is why our air-drying method is developed to keep GLM performance. As a result, our manufacturers guarantee their product, and so do we.

It's essential to speak with your veterinarian if you have any questions about your dog and seafood.