About Pawtion

Founded in 2020, Pawtion is an all-natural pet treat brand focused on delivering healthy, sustainable, Australian-made treats for dogs of all shapes and sizes.


our philosophy

The Pawtion philosophy is that every pet deserves quality and variety in their diet. A strong diet promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthy pet is a happy pet. That’s why our team prides itself on the production of healthy, nutritious and delicious treats.



love of pets

At Pawtion, we love pets. Our team are passionate pet people and all our products are designed and created for our own pets, as well as yours. We know pets love our treats because we see it first hand. 

 It is important to us, above all, that we create a product pets love. 

highest quality treats

We keep everything natural, fresh, and preservative-free. We believe that all pets need a balanced diet that helps develop and maintain healthy gums, teeth, fur, skin and immune system. 




quality service

To top it off, we're not just advocates for the highest quality treats but also strong believers in high quality service. We ensure a timely delivery on all orders and a hassle free, cancel anytime subscription service that will delight your dog with delicious treats arriving at your doorstep.